Zikir Mustajab

Zikir Mustajab

KAJANG: Placebo practice and prayer continuously proved most efficacious method make Pembantu Pustakawan Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Noraini Daud, 48, to door open her child ' heart, Norzarifah Kamarauzaman, 21, which disappeared in Australia since past April, to return country.

Curtin University Of Technology's former student, Perth, the Australia, return abruptly two weeks ago.

More miraculous, couple of days before her beloved son return the, Noraini many times dream she back to family lap in Taman Bukit Mewah here, with radiant face.

Noraini practise the chant and prayer after meeting Perancangan's Director and Strategi Kumpulan Penyokong and Pengasuh Profesional Islamic (Banana), Hanafi Abdul Malek in Masjid Hasanah Bangi, near here, 4 last December.Just know on that girl return, Harian Metro's journalist hurry to Norzarifah family's house called Ipah by his family, last night and manage to meet his father, Kamarauzaman Nasir, 50, confirm matter involve.However, say Kamarauzaman, Noraini and Norzarifah wells off on village in Perak to attend its thanksgiving feast in conjunction with child's return.

According Kamarauzaman, he freaks out with his child's appearance abruptly without inform on his return.

“Ipah direct not tell any and his return indeed surprising we. We very grateful when see its front eye. Foretaste dream even be.“However, he tell want rest and quite stressful after knowing his story aired press," she said.

Asked whether Norzarifah reported follow Australia citizen lover, Kamarauzaman says, his child deny the matter.

“Ipah tells a lot of stories that announced about it untrue," she said.

In 4 last December, Noraini calls in Harian Metro's journalist to reach Pisang after reading this newspaper report on genius former student, Sufiah Yusof, 23, that returned to track basis use Islamic method.Two days later, Pisang issue statement to help detect and bring home Norzarifah which reportedly disappears at Perth.

Noraini discovers Hanafi in Masjid Hasanah Bangi ask for help detect his child.

Norzarifah's story began to be presented this press in 25 last September when he rushed to hospital in Australia believed because swallowing 50 pills paracetamol under pressure.

Norzarifah have to be pursued to hospital however as good only recovered, he was said follow Australia citizen one man that is believed his lover.Commenting the student return to country, Hanafi says, he thankful Norzarifah back to family lap less than a month after Pisang representative's meeting with his mother that at the mosque.

According to him, Noraini be inform she dream her child return and now, indeed true happen.

“The practice and chant of course I ajarkan to anyone who come complaining about its loss of child and habit they sure talk about on child dream to return same house such as Noraini," she said.
“My party also will be doing hajat prayers, Toha's chapter reading from sentence a to six and a few specific practice. Alhamdulillah because Allah swt listen to slave Nya's groan, Norzarifah now return to his family lap," she said.

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